Oscar Wilder Sera Rupkotha, Bengali book pdf

Oscar Wilder Sera Rupkotha, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Oscar Wilder Sera Rupkotha’,
Written by- Oscar Wilde,
Translated by- Hayat Mamud, Buddhadeb Basu, Arnab Roy,
Edited by- Amirul Islam
Book genre- Fairy tale collection,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 54,
PDF File size- 3Mb,
Courtesy- Original uploader
Quality- best, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Oscar Wilder Sera Rupkotha pdf

This is not life like a drama. Oscar Wilde is a tale of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. He is a memorable man in English literature. This bright, brilliant, eloquent personality was born in Ireland on October 15, 1854. He was born into an aristocratic, noble family. Both parents are famous in their respective fields. Student life was glorious. This extraordinary and thinking genius went to study at Oxford. As a student, around 1874, Oscar Wilde concentrated on writing. He was confident in his own talent. He knew he would be famous. He wrote poetry and the version quickly became famous. Then he also created a stir by writing plays and stories. His ascent to the top of fame as a speaker. But the book that quickly made him a world-famous writer is a collection of fairy tales- ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tales’ that published in 1888. He was admired all around the world. This is a surprising exception in the history of world literature. The main feature of any composition of Oscar Wilde is art for art’s sake.
Beauty creates art. Literature is the greatest medium of all time — which contains the deepest mysteries of life and the infinite beauty.
But why are his fairy tales eternal and immortal?
Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales open the magical arch for children and teenagers. His every fairy story has the intense manifestation of metaphorical imagination. The dreamy consonantal deep life truth is revealed to the readers. For this reason, Oscar Wilde’s fables are the eternal treasure of the world and acceptable to people all over the country.
‘Happy Prince and Other Tales’ was published in 1888 and ‘A House of Pomegranatas’, a collection of fairy tales, was published in 1891. The storytelling of these fairy tales brought him immortality. There is no comparison of these beautiful fairy tales, which are brilliant in originality, brilliant in creative genius.
This book is a collection of selected stories from those extraordinary stories. There are five such stories in this collection, these are-

Oscar Wilder Sera Rupkotha contents

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