Sheshtha Galpo by Bhagirath Misra

Sheshtha Galpo by Bhagirath Mishra Bangla free ebook pdf
e-book name- Sheshtha Galpo
Author name- Bhagirath Mishra
Format- pdf
Pages- 260
pdf size- 21mb
Quality- good

Sheshtha Galpo by Bhagirathi Misra

‘Sheshtha Galpo’ is a collection book of short stories which are written by prominent Bengali author Bhagirath Mishra. There are nineteen selected stories in the book, these are- Mid Filder, Avimanyu, Garu Ghas Khay, Drishti, Noukabilas, Pokhhibilas, Beriye Asa, Dwipguli, Subachani, Raban, Nesha, Atmapiran, Bishakppur, Ring, Putreshthi, Indor Jag, Jhorbandi, Se Fereni, Kadamdalir Sadhu.

Sheshtha Galpo by Bhagirathi Misra content
free ebook pdf Sheshtha Galpo

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