Amar Ekannati Galpo by Bhagirath Mishra

Amar Ekannati Galpo by Bhagirath Mishra bangla book pdf
e-book name- Amar Ekannati Galpo
Author name- Bhagirath Mishra
File format- PDF
PDF size- 37mb
Pages- 521
Quality- good

Amar Ekannati Galpo by Bhagirath Mishra

Bhagirath Mishra is an well-known Bengali novelist, he wrote many novels, fictions, travel Literature. His notable novels are Taskar, Arkathi, Charanbhumi, Janguru, Mrigaya 1 to 5, Shikarer Gran, Arshicharit, Fasbadal etc. and natable stories are- Kakcharit, Chikanbabu, Midfilder etc. All my dear readers can collect an ebook pdf of his fifty one selected written story collection ‘Amar Ekannati Galpo’. Please view the table of content-

Amar Ekannati Galpo content
bangla book pdf Amar Ekannati Galpo

Another collection Bhagirath Mishra’s selected stories- Sheshtha Galpo

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