Dibyendu Palit’s Bangla Book Collection in pdf

Dibyendu Palit’s Bangla Book Collection in pdf file.
Author name- Dibyendu Palit
File format- PDF
Qualities- Good, no watermark

Dibyendu Palit's Bangla Book Collection
Dibyendu Palit (born March 5, 1929) was an Indian Bangali writer. He was born in the town of Bhagalpur in Bihar. education at the University of Calcutta and completed MA in literature. In 1955 the author began writing novels, short stories, poems, essays, etc. Many of his written stories have been implemented in Bengali and Hindi films, television, and radio programs. Now readers can collect several story books of his written from this post. All pdf links are given below.

Books are- Binidro, Cinemai Jemon Hoy, Hindu, Pronoychinho, Prempatra, Sandhikshan, Shukre Shani, Sindhu Baroya, Urochithi, Anubhob, Sahojoddha, Trisha, Hindu,

Pages- 98
Pdf Size- 6mb

Cinemai Jemon HayCinemai Jemon Hay
Pages- 104
Pdf Size- 6mb

Pages- 165
Pdf Size- 11mb

Pages- 158
Pdf Size- 9mb

Pages- 123
Pdf Size- 7mb

Pages- 109
Pdf Size- 5mb

Shukre ShaniShukre Shani
Pages- 131
Pdf Size- 8mb

Sindhu BaroyaSindhu Baroya
Pages- 128
Pdf Size- 6mb

Pages- 143
Pdf Size- 11mb

Anubhob (অনুভব)
size- 3MB
Pages- 125

Sahojoddha (সহযোদ্ধা)
size- 4MB
Pages- 62

Trisha (তৃষা)
size- 2MB
Pages- 4

Hindu (হিন্দু)
size- 5MB
Pages- 180

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