Monishider Baktrita Ed. by Baridbaran Ghosh pdf

Monishider Baktrita Ed. by Baridbaran Ghosh, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Monishider Baktrita’,
Edited by- Baridbaran Ghosh,
Book genre- A collection of speech of the wise,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 656,
PDF File size- 55Mb,
Quality- good, without any watermark, with a clickable table of contents.

Monishider Baktrita pdf

One of the great assets of human life is his speech. By merely pronouncing words, a person can arrange that words, make those meaningful, translate those into his own language and dedicate those to others. Maybe some creatures have this ability. But they cannot accept another’s language or dedicate it to another after mastering it. The real form of human life is his language.

The advanced people have learned to enclose their language in a script from the age of hieroglyphs. They have learned to perpetuate his words with the written form of thought. But a mental refinement in the written language occurs either invisibly, or consciously. But when that language is heard by others at a spontaneous pace, the spontaneity and emotion in it are often not found in the language of writing. There are various ways to preserve these languages: stenography, recording, or advanced processing through instruments. Many memorable, pleasant, sometimes valuable speeches of many people have been preserved in this way.
Again, the method of spreading propaganda by a written form of not speaking directly is also quite popular in modern civilization. This is called ready speech. There is no question about its durability. A number of such speeches are given in Bangla and have a fixed value.
This book is a compilation of the speeches of some of the leading thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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