Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s Dashti Upanyas in a pdf

Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s Dashti Upanyas in a pdf file

ebook name- Dashti Upanyas
Author- Nihar Ranjan Gupta
File format- PDF
Pages- 645
File size- 33mb
Quality- Best, without any watermark

Nihar Ranjan Gupta's Dashti Upanyas

There are ten remarkable novels in this book. The names of the novels in the order of the pages are given below-
01. ‘Piya Mukh Chanda’ ..09
02. ‘Mithun Lagna’ ..96
03. ‘Klanta Bihanga’ ..142
04. ‘Subhadra Haran’ ..208
05. ‘Cameliya’ ..268
06. ‘Champabai’ ..346
07. ‘Raglalit’ ..432
08. ‘Brihannala’ ..503
09. ‘Dur Balaka’ ..534
10. ‘Nadir Naam Madhumati’..593

All above the said eminent novels are written by the popular novelist and doctor Nihar Ranjan Gupta. He is especially famous for mysterious story writing. And also remembered in the subcontinent as the creator of the famous detective character ‘Kiriti Ray’.
Niharanarajan Gupta’s literary life began far in his childhood. At the age of 16, his first novel ‘Rajkumari’ was printed. He was a doctor in profession but he had free movement in every corridor of literature. Nihar Ranjan Babu has shown a lot of excellence in both types of detective novels which are suitable for adults and children. He has created more than two hundred books. Notable creations are- ‘Kalo Bhramor’, ‘Mrityuban’, ‘Kalnag’, ‘Ulka’, ‘Uttar Falguni’, ‘Haspatal’, ‘Kalankini Kankabati’, ‘Lalubhulu’, ‘Kinnor Mithun‘, ‘Rater Rajanigandha’, ‘Kiriti Omnibus’, ‘Oparetion’, ‘Tri-Rahasya‘, ‘Mayur Mahal’, ‘Kanyakumari’, ‘Kajallata’, ‘Kalohat’, ‘Niralaprahar’, ‘Nupur’, ‘Meghkalo’, ‘Nishipadma’, ‘Madhumita’ etc. Readers can also collect ‘Kiritir Goenda Galpa‘ and ‘Kiriti Omnibus 10 parts‘ in pdf file from this blog, I have already posted it before.
More than forty novels of Nihar Ranjan are adopted by film. Notable among these are: ‘Ulka’, ‘Banhishikha’, ‘Uttar Falguni’, ‘LaluBhulu‘, ‘Haspatal’, ‘Meghkalo’, ‘Rater Rajanigadha’, ‘Nishipadma’, ‘Nupur’, ‘Chhinnapatra’,’ Badsha’, ‘Kamol Gandhar’, ‘Mayamriga’, ‘Kajallata’, Kanyakumari’, ‘Kalankini Kankabati’ etc. His created these cinematic novels have enriched our film world. His ageless novel ‘LaluBhulu’ was filmed in five languages. This ageless author was born on June 6, 1911 in Calcutta, father Satya Ranjan Gupta’s work place and died on February 20, 1986.

Dear readers, you can collect the above said remarkable book- ‘Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s Dashti Upanyas‘ as pdf file. And I’m very happy to share this ebook pdf free of cost.

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