Gram Banglar Galpo Bengali short stories collection ebook pdf

Gram Banglar Galpo Bengali short stories collection ebook pdf file

ebook name- Gram Banglar Galpo
Author- various eminent authors
Edited by- Kamalesh Sen
File format- PDF
Pages- 369
File size- 20mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Gram Banglar Galpo

A collection of short stories on peasant life and struggle of Bengal
There are twenty two eminent stories in this book, and list of stories and authors name has been given below-
1. ‘Bhabani Singer Fisari by Ramesh Chandra Sen’,
2. ‘Kamru O Johora by Somnath Lahiri’,
3. ‘Mantrashakti by Swarnakamal Bhattachariya’,
4. ‘Chhiniye Khaini Keno by Manik Bandopadhyay’,
5. ‘Thikadar by Monoranjan Hazra’,
6. ‘Bou by Sushil Jana’,
7. ‘Banduk by Narayan Gangopadhyay’,
8. ‘Agantuk by Nani Bhowmik’,
9. ‘Shapath by Sudhir Koron’,
10.’Chalchor by Salil Chowdhury’,
11.’Lakhe Na Miliye Ek by Golam Kuddus’,
12.’Sada Kurta by Umanath Bhattachariya’,
13.’Sundari by Alauddin Al-Azad’,
14.’Dalal by Mihir Acharya’,
15.’Haub by Mihir Sen’,
16.’Halal by Arun Chowdhury’,
17.’Jonk by Abu Ishak’,
18.’Samne Charai by Dharmadas Mukhopadhyay’,
29.’Aronyer Swapno by Souri Ghatak’,
20.’Kharam by Munir Chowdhuri’,
21.’Bandh by Johir Royhan’,
22.’Bagher Bachcha by Soroj Dutta’.

About the authors-
Ramesh Chandra Sen- is a sympathetic storyteller, novelist. Born in Barisal district of present Bangladesh. He has seen to the people with his soft heart, from a very close and he tried to make it in the form of literature. The novel ‘Kajal’ and the story on the riots ‘White Horse’ converts him to a high level of fame.

Somnath Lahiri- Although well-known as a politician but he well-established as a journalists, storytellers, essayist and translator. He is one of the few who formed communist movement in undivided Bengal and was the editor of the Communist Party’s prolocutor ‘Swadhinata’. Many of his stories are published in ‘Porichoy’ and other magazines. His written short stories collection ‘Kalijuger Galpo’ was awakened very much at that time.

Swarnakamal Bhattachariya- is a journalist, storyteller, translator. He was associated with several magazines. The magazine ‘Arani’ published all his writings under the pseudonym ‘Anami’ those are well appreciated by readers. His stories are lifestyles-he saw the life from different perspectives and felt. This feeling was very refreshing and flowing. We can found the taste in the collection of his stories.

Manik Bandyopadhyay was born on 19th May, 1908 in the Dumka region of the Saotal Pargona. The real name is Prabodhakumar Bandyopadhyay. Shortly after the author began life, author was attracted to Marxism. And till the last day of his life, he was a member of the Communist Party. He has written numerous novels. Novels: ‘Padma Nadir Manjhi’, ‘Putul Nacher Itikotha’ are undoubtedly notable. Many of his writings have been translated into different languages of the world.

Monoranjan Hazra- his political life was much more worky then his writer life. He has taken pen at different times of active political life. Notable books are- ‘Cyper Roade Jhor’, ‘Nangor’.

Sushil Jana was born in Midnapore district. He has been writing for forty years continuously. He wrote many stories and novels about the life and struggles of people of different levels of the vast background.

Narayan Gangopadhyay’s ancestral house in Barisal district of modern Bangladesh. Until the last day of his life, he has been teaching Bengali language in the University of Calcutta. He traveled extensively in different sections of Bengali literature. He is one of the most successful writers of short stories, novels, belles-lettres and teenage literature. His early writing ‘Shilalipi’, ‘Uponibesh’ are still excite the readers mind. ‘Pataldangar Taenida’ is a wonderful creation of his. From the beginning of his literary life, he was associated with the leftist literary movement.

Nani Bhowmik is the people of Birbhum district. Study in Rangpur Karmichael college in presently Bangladesh. He was one of the workers and organizers of the Bengali Pragati Sahitya Movement. In the forty-fifty decades, Marxist and progressive readers responded to his stories. His written- ‘Dhulobali’, ‘Dhankana’, ‘Chaitradin’ which are still well known to the readers.

Sudhir Koron- is a story writer and essayist. He was known as a researcher of the people culture and socialism. The struggle for survival of the common man is the key to his writing.

Salil Chowdhury- popular as a creator of varied tune and musicians. But he was once well known as a poet and a composer. He wrote some extraordinary stories behind the creation of poetry and song composition and melody.

Golam Kuddis is well known as a poet and journalist, but some extraordinary novels and stories are came out of his pen. Notable works are- ‘Morium O Bandi’, ‘Lekha Nei Swarnaskhare’.

Dear readers, you can collect the above said eminent book- ‘Gram Banglar Galpo‘ as pdf file. And I’m very glad to share this book with you.

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