Dashti Rahasya Upanyas by Agatha Christie Anubad ebook pdf

Dashti Rahasya Upanyas by Agatha Christie Anubad ebook pdf file

ebook name- Dashti Rahasya Upanyas
Author- Agatha Christie
Translated by- various eminent authors
File format- PDF
Pages- 492
File size- 28mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Dashti Rahasya Upanyas

There are ten mysterious novels by Agatha Christie in this book-
1. Indur Fand (Mouse Trap)
2. Cyanide Rahasya (Sparkling Cyanide)
3. Antahin Rat (Endless Night)
4. A B C Murdar
5. Raktasnato Rajpath (Blood Stained Pediment)
6. Brown Suit (The Man in the Brown Suit)
7. Swapne Mrityur Chhaya (Dead Man’s Dream)
8. Protibimbe Mukh (Cracked Mirror)
9. Saskhi (Witness for the Prosecution)
10.Shesh Muhurta (Towards Zero)
All above novels have translated into Bangla- Indur Fand (Mouse Trap) by Asit Maitra, Cyanide Rahasya (Sparkling Cyanide) by Souren Dutta, Antahin Rat (Endless Night) by Asit Maitra, A B C Murdar by Souren Dutta, Raktasnato Rajpath (Blood Stained Pediment) by Partha Dutta, Brown Suit (The Man in the Brown Suit) by Partha Dutta, Swapne Mrityur Chhaya (Dead Man’s Dream) by Asit Maitra, Protibimbe Mukh (Cracked Mirror) by Joyanta Dutta, Saskhi (Witness for the Prosecution) by Asit Maitra, Shesh Muhurta (Towards Zero) by Shukdeb Chakrabarty.

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The story at a glance-
Snow breeze, shaking the bones of the body. The darkness of the evening has come closer. The large chest of the sky is covered with Snow. As a result, darkness has become dense. The black overcoat wearing man was seen. His wearing muffler covered the throat and a part of the chin. Head cap stretched up to the corner of the eye. The man went ahead slowly with the Culvert Street. Stopped in front of seventy-four number of home. He pushing the red button of Calling Bell which was adjacent to Closed door. There was an uncomfortable crirng.. crirng.. sound inside the house, he heard that.
Mrs. Casey was very busy to the house works. But someone is playing the bell. Go to hell the bell! They will burn the life. Casey feel angry and came downstairs. Open the door and peek out.
The man look like a painting on a dark background. The voice is gentle and broken. Mrs. Leon …?
‘Get on the three floors’. Casey’s straightforward answer. Her mind is still not soft. ‘This straight stairs..? Do she know from before about your coming?
Without talking, the stranger just moving his head in the right-left side.
‘Then go over this stairs. If you knock on the door, you will get the response’.
When the stranger stepped up on the Dirty carpet covered stair then Casey was looked at him from behind. the stranger started to whistle when he turn of the stairs. The earliest antique melodious tune is heard through his whistle. ‘Three rats blind..Ah three rats blind’.
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