Patrabilas by Narendranath Mitra pdf

Patrabilas by Narendranath Mitra pdf
Writer- Narendranath Mitra,
Book genre- Short story collection
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 11mb,
Pages- 155,
Quality- good, without any watermark

Patrabilas by Narendranath Mitra pdf

The seven stories of Patrabilas have been incorporated into one family in a different plan. These are not the crops of a particular year, but the author’s five-year crops. Some of volume, some of standard unity, the simplicity of these seven companions.
These seven stories are grouped together to start a special episode in the author’s overall composition. The author highlighted perceived perception and experience in a fancy way through these stories that have never been done before. All the written subjects are varied and lively.

These seven-story names are-

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