Golpomala-2 by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf

Golpomala-2 by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf
Writer- Narendranath Mitra,
Book genre- Short story collection
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 50mb,
Pages- 477,
Quality- not bad, without any watermark

Golpomala-2 by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf

Narendranath Mitra (1916–1975) was one of the leading Bengali novelists and short story writers. He has written about five hundred stories over the past four decades. His novels focus on the serene and simplicity of rural life, the floating middle class in the urban-rural areas, and the experience of the limited area of metropolitan Calcutta.
In discussing his novel ‘Dwip Punja’, there he said, “I have no interest in introducing strangers in any of my writings. Acquaintances have become well-known. ”

Many of the literary works of this eminent author have been turned into films. Such as ‘Mohanagar’, ‘Headmaster’ ‘Bilambitoloy’, ‘Palanka’. The story of ‘Ross’ is called ‘Saudagar’ in Hindi film.
His notable novels are- Rupmanjari, Chenamahal, Dehomon, Sangini, Sohridoya, Godhuli, Anuraghini, Durbhashini, Chorabali, Tin Din Tin Ratri, etc.
This great author honored by the Ananda Award in 1962.
Now I want to share with you a short-story collection book of this author’s writing. There are fifty stories in this collection, these are-

Golpomala-2 content 1
Golpomala-2 content 2

Note- There is clickable table of content in this pdf.

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