Golpomala by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf

Golpomala- 1 by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf
Writer- Narendra Nath Mitra,
Book genre- Short story collection
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 56mb,
Pages- 597,
Quality- good, without any watermark

Golpomala by Narendra Nath Mitra pdf

‘Narendranath Mitra’ a prominent writer in the world of Bengali literature in the post-World War period. His novels and short stories capture the life of middle-class Bengalis. Many critics also see him as one of the writers of Bengalis middle-class life after Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay.
He became acquainted with the Bengali readers through the novel Chenamahal, written in 1953, and it is the author’s most popular novel. In addition to this novel, he wrote a lot of novels and short stories, through which the literary talent of this author can be identified.

He is the author of a total of 51 storybooks and 36 novels. Several films have been made based on his writings. Prominent director Satyajit Ray turned the story of ‘Mahanagar’ into a film. Besides, the story of ‘Ross’ made into a movie in Hindi called ‘Saudagar’.
In this post, a PDF of his collection of short stories is shared. There are fifty stories in this collection.
Table of content-

Golpomala content-1
Golpomala content- 2

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