Sera 50ti Galpo by Prafulla Roy Bangla Sahitya pdf

Sera 50ti Galpo by Prafulla Roy Bangla Sahitya pdf file
ebook name- Sera 50ti Galpo
Author- Prafulla Roy
File format- PDF
Pages- 561
File size- 31mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Sera 50ti Galpo by Prafulla Roy ebook

Sera Panchasti Galpo is a collection of Bengali short stories and all these selected stories are written by Prafulla Roy. It is no doubt that his contribution to the Bengali novels is remarkable. His novel writing style was a little different and his novels is unique to each other for the new typical events. There are 45 telefilm, tele-series, feature-film has been created based on his wtiting stories as ‘Mohonar Dike’ (1984), ‘Admi Aur Aurat’ (1984), ‘Ekanta Apan’ (1987), ‘Charachar’ (1994), ‘Target’ (1997), ‘Mando Meyer Upakhan’ (2003), ‘Krantikal’ (2005) etc. Most of his writing novels are based on the refugee life centric as ‘Keya Patar Nouko’, ‘Shatadharay Boye Jay’, ‘Uttal Samoyer Itikotha’, ‘Nona Jol Mithe Mati’ etc. I have brought to the readers, fifty selected stories collection ebook pdf of this ageless author and you can collect more ebook of the author as- Mahajuddher Ghora (Part 1 and 2), Kishor Samagra, Aro Dashti Upanyas, Prafulla Roy Special ebooks pdf Collection, Brojodar Gulpo-Samagra. Table of contents-

Sera 50ti Galpo content
Bangla Sahitya pdf Sera 50ti Galpo

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