Puin-Palanger Swad by Purnendu Patrea pdf

Puin-Palanger Swad by Purnendu Patrea ebook pdf
ebook name- PuinPalanger Swad
Author- Purnendu Patrea
Book genre- short stories
File format- PDF
Pages- 166
File size- 11mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Puin-Palanger Swad by Purnendu Patrea

PuinPalanger Swad’ is a collection of short stories book by Purnendu Patrea who was a well-known cover artist and film director, poet and novelist and best known in the pseudonym ‘Samudragupta’. His first poetry book ‘Ekmutho Roond‘ was published in 1951. The first novel ‘Darer Moyna’ was published in 1958 which won the Manik award. His other works of poetry are: ‘Shabder Thikana’ (1975), ‘Suriyadoy Tumi Ele’ (1976), ‘Amader Tumul Hoi-Holla (1980), ‘Gabhir Raater Trankcall’ (1981), etc. Notable among the other novels of Purnendu- ‘Bhomraguri’, ‘Malatimongal’ ‘Joubonkal‘, etc. Purnendu Babu composed nearly a dozen books about Kolkata as ‘Shahor Kolkatar Adi Parba’, ‘Bangabhanga‘, ‘Ki Kore Kolkata Holo’, ‘Chharai Mora Kolkata’, ‘Kolkatar Rajkahini’, etc. He was also a popular writer in children literature and wrote many books for children as ‘Atung Fatung‘, ‘Myaker Baba Khyak‘, ‘Illibilli‘, ‘Dushtur Ramayan’, ‘Junior Byamkesh’, ‘Jambo the Jinious‘, etc.

Now I want to share a book of Bangla short stories collection- ‘PuinPalanger Swad’ in pdf.
There are eleven short stories in this compilation by Purnendu Patrea, these are-
PuinPalanger Swad’
‘Sukhendur Sharir O Mon’
‘Nishither Ekta Khapchhara Din’
‘Here Jaoya’
‘Karkatrashi Brishlagna’
‘Behula Lakhindar’
‘Rajyapal Badal Hoy Keno?’

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