Laghuguru Prabandhabali by Parsuram PDF

Laghuguru Prabandhabali by Parsuram – Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Laghuguru’,
Written by – Rajshekhar Basu (Parshuram),
Book genre- Article collection,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 121,
PDF File size- 6Mb,
Quality- best, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Laghuguru Prabandhabali by Rajshekhar Basu pdf

Rajshekhar Basu (Born: March 16, 1980 – Died: April 27, 1960) was famous for his humorous writing in Bengali literature besides his job and scientific research. As a writer, he was well-known for his satirical and humorous writing by using the pseudonym ‘Parshuram’. In 1922, he published the satire composition ‘Sri Sri Siddheshwari Limited’ using this pseudonym. This versatile person had an infinite ability to express satire in literature in an artistic manner. In addition to these this author wrote several valuable books against social and religious superstitions and other narrowness.

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He wrote a total of twenty-one books. Notable among these are-
belles-lettres: Goddolika (1924), Kojjoli (1927), Hunumaner Swapno (1937), Golpokolpo (1950)
Story: Krishnakoli (1953), Anandibay (1957)
Essays: Laguguru (1939), Bharater Khanij (1943), Kutirshilpa (1943), Bichinta (1955)
Translated: Maghdut (1943), Balmiki Ramayan (1946), Mahavarat (1949), Hitipodesher Golpo (1950), etc.
Besides, his writing Chalantika (1938) is a popular dictionary in Bengali.

Dear readers, now in this post, I want to share a PDF of remarkable article collection book- ‘Laghuguru’. The book was published in 1939.

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Dear Readers, collect this Article collection book- ‘Laghuguru Prabandhabali by Rajshekhar Basu’ Bangla book pdf.

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