Hutum Panchar Naksha, Bangla book pdf

Hutum Panchar Naksha, Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Hutum Panchar Naksha’,
Written by – Kaliprasanna Singha,
Book genre- Bangla book,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 192,
PDF File size- 13Mb,
Quality- best, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Hutum Panchar Naksha pdf

Kaliprasanna’s life was a wonderful combination of intellect and mentality. He was a representative of the full progressiveness of the nineteenth century. This great person had immense respect for the national heritage, the brightest example of which is his translation of the great work “Mahabharata”. All the best scholars of that time, even Vidyasagar, helped him in this great work.

But Kaliprasanna’s extraordinary creation is ‘Hutum Pyanchar Naksha’. It is a unique social picture. It is not right to just say pictures টি the book is actually a social picture gallery. Charak-Parvan badinage, corruption in contemporary society called baroari, mora fera, chhele dhora, mutation, satpeye garu, Dariyay Ghora, etc. the satire of various excitements of that time.
Besides, bichitra bujrakir bamuna, Mahesher snanjatrar barnona, Ramlilar hotto utsab, and a very realistic picture of the newly introduced railway, none of this has been left out of Hootum Pyanchar Naksha. Not just pure social picture or reformist advice, as a creation of humorous this ‘Naksha’ has an outstanding dignity. The book is happier to read than the novel. We are not usually acquainted with such an amazing book.

Besides, the striking feature of the book in terms of structure is its language. This is the first book in Bengali prose to be written in a language commonly understood by all. Kaliprasanna Singha is immortal in the national history of Bengalis. In the history of Bengali literature, “Hutom Panchar Naksha” is a deathless achievement.

So dear reader, Collect this old but deathless achievement- ‘Hutum Panchar Naksha’ in a pdf.

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Dear Readers, collect this remarkable Bangla book- ‘Hutum Panchar Naksha by Kaliprasanna Singha’ pdf.

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