Prasanga Debdasi by Arati Gangopadhyay pdf

Prasanga Debdasi by Arati Gangopadhyay, Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Prasanga Debdasi’,
Written by – Arati Gangopadhyay,
Book genre- Documentary book,
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Pages- 94,
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Prasanga Debdasi by Arati Gangopadhyay pdf

The history of slavery in the world continues to carry the stigma of the filth of humanity. Whether it is human Dasattwa to man or human Dasattwa to anonymous gods, both are scandalous. But it is true that as much as there has been injustice in the world with the name of the god, not even the smallest fraction of it has been done with the name of man. A complete history of how Dasattwa protha was first introduced, or how it became widespread, a complete history of this subject has not yet been written.

One most aspect of Dasprotha is the Debdasi protha. Dasprotha originated in the early stages of the evolution of primitive civilization; The victorious group has enslaved the conquered group. But the origins of the Devadasi tradition are more abhorrent, as they have always been used as instruments of extreme pleasure. Entertainment was the duty of these Devadasis. This entertainment is for kings, princes, and priests. This system has been going on for ages mainly due to the efforts and support of the priests. Even today, in the shelter of the temple, this shameless system is being done in the name of the gods.

The history of the beginning of this traditional system and its evolution is reviewed in this book. The topics covered by the author Aarti Gangopadhyay in this book are-

Prasanga Debdasi contents

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