Police Kahini by Panchanan Ghoshal । Bangla ebooks pdf

Police Kahini by Panchanan Ghoshal – Bangla ebooks pdf
ebook name- Police Kahini (part- 1 & 2)
Writer- Panchanan Ghoshal
Book genre- Crime Story Book
File format- PDF
Quality- best, without any watermark

Police Kahini by Panchanan Ghoshal pdf

He saw the British police, the freedom struggle, the riots of ’46 because of his job. He wrote crime novels under the direction of Rabindranath. Panchanan Ghoshal was a pioneer in the practice of criminal science and police-history in Bengal. And also the pioneer of Indian crime literature. But unfortunately, we almost forgot him. Rabindranath himself was the inspiration for his writing, his literary work must be incomparable.
But before that, we need to know who is the person Panchanan. He was born in 1907 in the village of Madral in the Naihati region of the North 24 Parganas. He was a child of a zamindar family. He had an MSc in Zoology and a doctorate in criminology. During his career, he retired as Deputy Commissioner of Police.

He has also written several books on crime. Like- ‘Ami Jokhon Police Chhilam’, ‘Aparadh biggyan’, ‘Aparadh Tattwa (Crime Science)’, ‘Bikhyata Bichar O Tadanto Kahini’, ‘Ekti Adbhut Mamla’, ‘Khun Ranga Ratri’, ‘Kishor Aparadhi’, ‘Nagarir Abhishap’, ‘Pocketmar’, etc.

He was both a science teacher and an IPS officer. He has seen crime and criminals very closely for being a high-ranking police officer. Two volumes of this book are the result of that.

1.Police Kahini – Vol-1
Size- 13mb
Pages- 178
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2.Police Kahini – Vol-2
Size- 14mb
Pages- 184
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Dear reader, collect the crime and criminal science books – ‘Police Kahini by Panchanan Ghoshal’ Bangla ebooks pdf.

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