Bishwer Shreshtha Goyenda Omnibus ebook pdf

Bishwer Shreshtha Goyenda Omnibus ebook pdf
ebook name- Bishwer Shreshtha Goyenda Omnibus
Writer name- various foreign authors
Edited by- Dinesh Chandra Saha
Book genre- Translated Detective Story
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 13mb
Pages- 234
Quality- best, without any watermark

Bishwer Shreshtha Goyenda Omnibas

There are six translated detective stories in this book. These are-

1. Vertigo by Piyer Boyalo and Thomas Narcejac.
The meaning of the name of the original book in the French language- “living and dead”. “Vertigo” this word means giddiness. The detective of this story suffering from the vertigo disease. It is better to say that this story as a myster story than a detective story. The mystery solution is not understood until the end of the story.

2. Guptadhaner Sandhane Goyenda by James Hadley Chase.
Detective-thriller, Spy-Thriller and Mysterious Action-Thiller, these three types of stories are written by James Hadley Chase. The detective Roni Palmer of the present novel whose life is not happy, peaceful or comfortable as Sherlock Holmes or Arquil Poyro. This detective’s clothes are scattered, wears waste shoe, he can not pay rent to the house, and wait for the client day by day.

3. Goyenda Jakhan Ami by Edgar Allan Poe.
Modern poetry and modern short stories owes to this great American writer in many ways. His influence in French literature is undoubtedly unquestionable. He is the father of the modern detective story.

4. Interpoler Goyenda by Alistair MacLean.
This author is famous in the section of literature, that is- The Thriller-Spy-Thriller and the Detective-Thriller. Present story is detective thriller. MacLean’s Best Novel: ‘Fire is the key’, ‘The Dark Crusader’, ‘Ice Station Zebra’, ‘Papet on a Chain’, ‘The Guns
Of Navarone’,’ H. M. S. Ulyssis’, ‘Bare Island’ and ‘The Golden Gate’.

5. Goyendar Naam Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Sir Arthur Konal Dowel’s famous detective series Sherlock Holmes is still respected by the reader. There are many movie-tv series around the world with Sherlock Holmes.

6. Goyendar Naam Peri Mason by Eli Stanley Gardner.
American detective story writer Gardner and his popular lawyer-detective character Perry Mason are well-known to world detective-literary readers.

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