Pyramid Rahasya by Chiranjib Sen Bangla book pdf

Pyramid Rahasya by Chiranjib Sen Bangla book pdf file

ebook name- Pyramid Rahasya
Author- Chiranjib Sen
File format- PDF
Pages- 136
File size- 8mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Pyramid Rahasya by Chiranjib Sen ebook

“Valley of the King” is not far from Cairo which is located in the desert, so there is only sand. In that sand state, there are ruins of architecture of the ancient kings of Egypt. So this desert valley named “Valley of the King”. The pyramids are notable in these archeology. There are various sign of ancient civilization have been found From the inside of the pyramids. It can not be priced by the money.
Egypt’s Pharaohs made Pyramids a thousand years before the birth of Christ round 2530 B.C. Their intention was that to make their bodies ‘Mummy’ and to be buried inside the pyramid with royal splendor. Currently the researchers say that the pyramids were created long before the advent of the Pharaohs and the pyramid was not created to the purpose of give burial to the body of pharaohs. Later, for some reason the body of a Pharaohs was kept inside the structure. But the real purpose of building a pyramid is different, What is that purpose? Is the pyramid only in Egypt? Not so. These are available in Mexico, Peru, China, Tibet and even the United States of America. Who made these structure in different countries? People of another planet? Researchers are thinking of a new way. The author- Chiranjib Sen gave a lot of new information about this ancient structure- Pyramid. Collect the book s pdf file from link below.
Bangla book pdf Pyramid Rahasya

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