Kishor Sahitya Samagra by Annada Shankar Roy ebook pdf

Kishor Sahitya Samagra by Annada Shankar Roy Bangla ebook pdf file

ebook name- Kishor Sahitya Samagra
Author- Annada Shankar Roy
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
File format- PDF
Pages- 99
File size- 10mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kishor Sahitya Samagra by Annada Shankar Roy ebook
Annada Shankar Roy was an ICS officer and renowned writer, researcher, historian, and poet who was born in 1904 in Orissa. He completed graduation in English from the Revenue College and he was a meritorious and strong student from his childhood. He was a literary fond since his student life and his first book was published in 1928, titled- ‘Tarunya’. After the publication of the book, the author was able to achieve fame as a fiction writer in intellectual circles. His first two novels ‘Asamapika’ and ‘Agun Niye Khela’, created a different taste in the Bengali novels. After the publication of two of the novels, his literary fame is more elaborate. Annada Shankar played role in both prose and verse. His literary works have been included in the school syllabus in Bangladesh. His notable works are- ‘Satyasotya’ (there are six novels in it- 1.Jar Jetha Desh 2.Agyatobas 3.Kalankobati 4.Dukhomochan 5.Marter Swarga 6.Aposaran), Agun Niye Khela, Asamapika, Putul Niye Khela, Na, Kanya, etc. He also wrote a lot of teenage novels. Now I want to share all these teenage novels on a cover named- ‘Kishor Sahitya Samagra’.

Dear readers can collect the book as a pdf file. An anthology of complete works of juvenile literature. Table of content-
Kishor-Sahitya-Samagra-content-sampleCollect the pdf or Read it online

Bangla ebook pdf Kishor Sahitya Samagra in pdf.

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