Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan (Part-1 and 2) ebook pdf

Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan (Part-1 and 2) ebook pdf
ebook name- Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan (Part-1 and 2)
Writer- Various
Book genre- Documentary ebook
File format- PDF
Quality- good, without any watermark

Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan pdf

Death is an inevitable destiny of life, an irresistible worldly rule. Creation and fusion are involved with everything. The body is not the exception to that. In fact, “Death is one of the most inexorable ‘givens’ of the human condition.” The human body cannot avoid this irresistible death.According to Hindu scriptures, cremation is the usual practice of death. The specific place for this cremation is ‘crematorium’. In Bengali fiction, a number of stories, novels and films have been made on the subject of cremation.

Muslims and Christians bury their dead body. The folklore of the death of primitive nations in different parts of the world and its variations are not unknown to us today.

Death is a very important issue. During the discussion on the subject of death, there is talk of social conduct, behavior, customs, folk beliefs. In these two books, various aspects of death have been highlighted to diversify the subject. Crematorium, graveyard, burial is an intermediate stage. The ritual that started with the moribund or dead person does not end at the funeral. Because there is afterlife, soul, heaven, hell, ghost world. There are various ceremonies like annual shraddha, tarpana, akash pradeep, so all these things have been covered in these volumes.

Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan, Part- 1
Size- 16mb
Pages- 504
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Banglar Smashan O Gorosthan, Part- 2
Size- 20mb
Pages- 554
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