Jibon Sadhonar Pothe by Swami Pranabanandaji, Bangla book pdf

Jibon Sadhonar Pothe by Swami Pranabanandaji, Bangla book pdf
ebook name- Jibon Sadhonar Pothe
Writer- Atmananda Swamiji
Book genre- Religious book
File format- PDF
Size- 8mb
Pages- 162
Quality- good, without any watermark

Jibon Sadhonar Pothe by Swami Pranabanandaji pdf

Swami Pranabanandaji Maharaj was born on Wednesday, January 29, 1896, on the day of Maghipurnima in the village of Bajitpur in Madaripur district in the house of Vishnucharan Bhuiyan and Mata Saradadevi. His childhood name was Binod. He was initiated by Baba Gambhirnathji, the great yogi of Gorakhpur, in 1913 at the age of 17 and in 1916 at the age of only 20 he succeeds in the pursuit. At the Ardhakumbh Mela in Prayag in 1924, he took formal asceticism from Swami Govindananda Giri and became known as Swami Pranabananda.

Swami Pranabanandaji Maharaj became a novice in the effort to eradicate untouchability and awaken the Hindu society through human service. Acharya Pranabanandaji, the founder of the Bharat Sebashram Sangh, is another divine expression- not Harijan, not untouchable, poor Narayan Seva is his triumph with this thought. He set up Hindu Milon Mandir with all classes of Hindus from village to town. As a result of his constructive organizational thinking, the great awakening of the Hindus is observed all over India today.

Dear now I want to share a book, this wonderful book has been compiled by collecting the invaluable letters of Sri Srimat Swami Pranabanandaji on religion and spiritual advice and instructions to the devotees.

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Dear reader, collect the spiritual-religious book- ‘Jibon Sadhonar Pothe by Swami Pranabanandaji’ Bangla book pdf

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