Guptacharbritti Prachinbharat O Madhyajug by Gayatri Chakrabarty PDF

Guptacharbritti Prachinbharat O Madhyajug by Gayatri Chakrabarty PDF
ebook name- Guptacharbritti Prachinbharat O Madhyajug
Writer name- Gayatri Chakrabarty
Book genre- Documentary ebook
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 4mb
Pages- 121
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Guptacharbritti Prachinbharat O Madhyajug by Gayatri Chakrabarty

Spy regime system is one of the major parts of the world’s small and big states. The role of a reliable, intelligent spy is very important in defense and military success. Most modern war, ie Modem war is a war of espionage.
It is not possible to calculate the correct period of the spying system. In the wake of civilization, different group leaders at the time of group conflict, they used to spy on each other’s grappling news.
In time with the origin of the state, the necessity of espionage became inevitable in different branches of governance. In the country of ancient civilization, India, China, Persia, Greece, Romania, Arabia, etc. there the spies were the main part of the governance.
This book discusses the ancient and medieval Indian espionage. The author collected the information from local writers’ writings, writings of foreign writers, various literature, history, inscriptions, copperplates, and coins. The author did not allow imagination or common legends during the assessment of the role of the espionage in the Indian regime. This book introduces the role of emissary in the rule of the Sultani and Mughal era.

In this book, the author discussed various aspects of spying in the Indian regime.
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