Keno Udbastu Hote Holo by Debjyoti Roy Bangla book pdf

Keno Udbastu Hote Holo by Debjyoti Roy Bangla book pdf
ebook name- Keno Udbastu Hote Holo (why did we become refugees)
Written by- Debjyoti Roy
Book genre- Informative book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 5mb
Pages- 178
Quality- best, without any watermark

Keno Udbastu Hote Holo by Debjyoti Roy pdf

India was divided in 1947, along with the Bengal and Punjab were divided, almost at the same time the Kashmir war, all of these have caused a deep wound in the lives of countless people. Due to the split of United Bengal, millions of Hindus like the flood waters took shelter from East Pakistan to West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and other states of India. However, before the partition of Bengal, Hindus migrated in the hope of a safe haven since the riots broke out in Nayakhali in 1946. Though few in number, Buddhists came for the same reason; some of the indigenous people also came. Those who took shelter after 1947 in India, they became known as ‘refugees’.

The author of this book, Sri Debjyoti Roy, has collected information from various sources with his direct experience and describes the plight of the refugees in two stages.

With the partition of the country in 1947, the disaster that millions of people faced, no definite history of those events has yet been written, nor is any mentionable novel. Professor Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty’s ‘Marginal Men’ is the only informative research book. And also a pathetic image of the minority Hindus of Bangladesh is found in both Taslima Nasrin’s ‘Lajja’ (Shame) and ‘Fera’ (Back) novels.
From this book, we get a picture of the pain and struggle of refugee life.
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Dear readers, collect the informative book about the refugees- ‘Keno Udbastu Hote Holo by Debjyoti Roy‘ Bangla book pdf.

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