Rabindra Nather Dharmachinta by Tarak Nath Ghosh Bengali ebook pdf

Rabindra Nather Dharmachinta by Tarak Nath Ghosh Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- Rabindra Nather Dharmachinta
Written by- Tarak Nath Ghosh
Book genre- Article book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 8mb
Pages- 150
Quality- good, without any watermark

Rabindra Nather Dharmachinta by Tarak Nath Ghosh pdf

Philosophy has a connection with religion and again literature has a connection with religion. There is discusses a thought of Rabindranath’s religion in this article but it was not widely done in terms of philosophy. These are just a few references to theology, or to discuss it in comparison. The interest of Rabindranath’s theology has aroused in the hearts of the readers that is the essence of this article. Rabindranath’s writings reveal his religious beliefs.
The content of this article is followed by a history section to facilitate this discussion.

There was a liveliness in Rabindranath’s poetry whose motivation has also gradually evolved towards the end.
Khshetra, Bij, Ankur, Bikash, Phool, Phal- The subjects are arranged in these six sections. The idea of the tree’s origin and its consequences is the core of this section. Rabindranath’s develop religious life is comparable to that of Mohiruha (big tree).

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