Sharat-Sahitye Nari Ed. Bengali eBook pdf

Sharat-Sahitye Nari Ed. Bengali eBook pdf collection
e-book name- ‘Sharat-Sahitye Nari’,
Edited by- Khirod Kumar Dutta,
Type of book- Article Book,
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Pages- 226,
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Sharat-Sahitye Nari pdf

The writer draws pictures of men and women in his literature, looking at the face of the reader. All the men and women of the novel have to obey the order of the author. Their existence and movement all depend on the events of the novel. The development of character in the development of events, again the development of events in the development of character. So whether it is Sharat-Sahitya, Bankim-Sahitya, or Rabindra-Sahitya, it does not make sense to talk about a special place of women in their writings and think about it.

In the literature in which we see Sita, we see Manthara next to her, we see Shurpanakha. We also see Kaikeyi and Manthra painted by the same poet who painted Kaushalya and Sumitra characters. Just as there is Desdemon in literature, so like that there is also Lady Macbeth; As there is Bhramor, so like that there is Rohini; Where the Suriyamukhi Kundanandini’s place, Hira’s place is next to it. The development of literature is the development of the contradictions that these two classes of contradictory images create in their respective paths. So in the field of literature, the image of these two opposite classes is as it was in the past, it is the same today and it will continue to be so in the future.

There is no doubt that the creation of female characters has occupied a prominent place in the Sharat-literature. In the current world climate, the female character that is appearing all around us, its reflection has found a place in Saratchandra’s novel. That is why his poetic talent has been able to captivate the minds of Bengalis in such a way.
This book discusses all the female characters of Saratchandra and selectively gives place to only a few characters.

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