Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab : Lysenko Adhyay pdf

Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab : Lysenko Adhyay by Ananta Bijay Dash pdf
ebook name- ‘Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab : Lysenko Adhyay’,
Written by – Ananta Bijay Dash,
Book genre- An Article Book,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 196,
PDF File size- 18Mb,
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab : Lysenko Adhyay

The article book ‘Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab’ (Science and Revolution in the Soviet Union: The Lysenko Chapter) is based on a history of Soviet science. Issues related to Marxist philosophy or Marxist-Leninist socialist politics are not the main topics of this article. The book focuses on events in the world of biology and genetics during the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. As well as the quantum mechanics of neophysics and Einstein’s history of relativity has been shed some light on.
In today’s world, science and technology are being used and misused for political gain. So in this book, naturally, the political context of the Stalin government has also come up in a limited range. This book is the author’s first attempt at politicizing science from the history of modern science or influencing science for political purposes.

Ananta Bijay Dash was a science-minded-rationalist writer and blogger. He was born on October 6, 1982, and died on 12 May 2015. Published essays are : Parthib, Darwin : Ekosh Shatake Prasangikota Ebong Bhabona, Soviet Unione Bigyan O Biplab : Lysenko Adhyay, Jib Bibartan Sadharan Path. He received the Muktamana Rationalist Award in 2006 in recognition of his unique contribution to the establishment of humanity and rationalism.

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