Soviet Desher Itihas by Rishi Das pdf

Soviet Desher Itihas by Rishi Das, Bengali History Book pdf
ebook name- ‘Soviet Desher Itihas’,
Written by – Rishi Das,
Book genre- A History Book,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 888,
PDF File size- 52Mb,
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Soviet Desher Itihas by Rishi Das pdf

Even in the historical epoch, the Central Asian countries which were included the Soviet Union, have had extensive and close contact with India. The dynasties that ruled India before the beginning of British rule also came from Uzbekistan, part of the Soviet Union. A national uprising by the Uzbeks forced the dispossessed Babur to move towards Afghanistan and India. In the past and present, the Soviet Union has very close relations with India. The Soviet Union’s attitude of friendship towards India has been demonstrated in many ways. The Indo-Soviet Trade and Credit Agreement of 1953 and 1959 is a shining example of this.

For these reasons, there is a great curiosity among Bengalis and Indians about the Soviet Union. This book can satisfy even the slightest bit of curiosity.

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