Shishunatya by Shibram Chakraborty pdf

Shishunatya by Shibram Chakraborty, Shishu Natya Sankalan Book pdf
ebook name- ‘Shishunatya’,
Written by – Shibram Chakraborty,
Book genre- Play Collection Book for children,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 219,
PDF File size- 10Mb,
Quality- HQ, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Shishunatya by Shibram Chakraborty pdf

Shivram Chakraborty claims to be characteristic not only in the field of literary composition but also in all aspects of speech, behavior, and nature. On the one hand, the spontaneous style of humor, on the other hand, the immense love for people, these two combinations have established him in the seat of respect in literature.
This beloved son of the late Shivprasad Chakraborty was born on 26th Agrahayan 1310 (December 1903). Shivram Chakraborty’s original home was Chanchar (Malda) but he was born in Calcutta.
The books published by Basumati Sahitya-mandir one by one opened the closed doors of the mind of the boy Shivram. They continue to enlighten his mind in many ways. That influence is significant in Shivram’s literary life. He devoted himself entirely to literary work.

The books of the Basumati Institute, which one day aroused the imagination of literature in his life, opened the way for him to express his life. His books have also been published by that publishers.
He has written numerous books. His books include ‘Moscow vs Pondicherry’, ‘Jakhan Tara Kotha Bolbe’, ‘Swami Manei Asami’, ‘Stri Manei Istri’, ‘Harshavardhana Ar Govardhan’, ‘Virat Bhog’, ‘Bhuture Adbhuture’, ‘Burma Mama’, ‘Hansuhana’, ‘Poiarar Swarga’, ‘Oth Bibaho Ghatito’, ‘Swanirbachita Galpa’, ‘Srestha Galpa’, ‘Kishor Sankalan’ etc. can be mentioned in one breath. Shivram’s glory in introducing a new genre of humor in Bengali literature is undeniable. This great author is the creator of a new horizon of Bengali humor literature of the present century. All those dramas are very dear not only to children but also to adult readers.

He is unique not only in writing stories, novels, essays, and poems but also in writing children’s comedy dramas. All the comedy plays written by him have been compiled in this book.

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