Kalidas Samagro Bangla digital book pdf

Kalidas Samagro Bangla digital book pdf file
ebook name- Kalidas Samagro
Author- ancient poet- Kalidas
Edited by- Jyotibhushan Chaki
File format- PDF
Pages- 452
File size- 23mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kalidas Samagro Bangla ebook

Kalidasa’s all-in-everything no, not only Shakuntala, other resources of the poet are also translated here. We will read more of his composition to become new. The author is the most famous Sanskrit poet and playwright after Valmiki-Vyasdeb. He is an Indian poet of ancient time and known as the best poet of Sanskrit language. There is a different doctrine about his personal life and appearance. There are many legends about Kalidas. Meghdutam, Kumarsambhabam, Raghubangsham, Ritusamhar, Shringartilak, Pushpabanbilas, Nolodoy, Dwadash-Puttalika- these are unimaginable in literature, among his writings. He composed three plays named Malbikagnimitram, Abhigyanshakuntalam, Vikramabarshiyam.┬áThe influence of his writings has been observed in all branches of Bengali literature. It is not wrong to say that Kalidasa is the inheritor to Bengali literature. The effect of his writings are observed in different branches of literature from the past to modern times. All of my avid reader, now I want to share an ebook of ‘Kalidas Samagro’ as pdf file. The book edited by Jyotibhushan Chaki and translated into Bengali by various writers. Table of contents-
Kalidas Samagro content
Bangla digital book pdf Kalidas Samagro

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