Samabeta Saras Galpa, Bangla humor story pdf

Samabeta Saras Galpa, Bangla humour story pdf
ebook name- ‘Samabeta Saras Galpa’,
Written by- Various,
Edited by- Mihir Sen
Book genre- Humorous-Story collection,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 188,
PDF File size- 9Mb,
Quality- good, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Samabeta Saras Galpa pdf

The ancient Greek philosophers, after determining the characteristics of man in the animal kingdom, said that man is the only animal who has reasoning. The philosopher Aristotle added another dimension to the fact that man is the only animal that smiles. Perhaps another characteristic of man is his curiosity. One eternal question in the context of life and the world. So even laughter did not escape from the hands of the serious scholar researchers. They began to look for smiles under the microscope
What is smile? Why do people laugh? What are they laughing at? What is the need for laughter? What are the benefits? How many types of laughter? etc.
And literary scholars began to study what humour is. The subject is laughter. Naturally, it is easy to assume that the writers of humorous would choose such universal laughter as a simple laughter material in literature.

Now a PDF of such a humorous story collection book is shared here in this post.

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Dear Readers, collect this Amusing-Story collection book- ‘Samabeta Saras Galpa’ Bangla humour story pdf.

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