Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo Ed. by Subimal Mishra ebook

Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo Ed. by Subimal Mishra ebook pdf file
e-book name- Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo
Author name- Jaldhar Sen
Edited by- Subimal Mishra
File format- PDF
PDF size- 37mb
Pages- 344
Quality- good, without any watermark

Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo ebook

Jaldhar Sen (13 March 1861 – 15 March 1939) was a writer and his writings subject were Bengalis travel stories, delightful composition and novel. On March 13, 1860 he was born in the village of Kumarkhali in Kushtia. Haladhar Sen was his father. In 1878, he completed the Entrance examination from Kumarkhali And then studied at the Calcutta General Assembly Institution for LA. After then he worked as a teacher in Goalanda School, Dehradun and Mahishadal for some time. In 1881 he lost his wife, daughter and mother and went to the Himalayas. He was involved as editor or co-editor of the magazines Grambarta, Saptahik Basumati, Hitbadi, Sulav Samachar etc. The British government was honor by the title of ‘Roy Bahadur’. Some of his notable travel books are- Probaschitra, Himaloy etc. and his written story books are- Naibedya, Kangaler Thakur, Boro Manush. Novels are- Dwukhini, Abhagi, Utsa etc. Readers could collect thisĀ edited stories collection book from link below which has edited by Subimal Mishra. Table of contents-

Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo content
Bangla ebook pdf Jaldhar Sener Nirbachito Galpo

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