50Ti Vuter Golpo by Shashtipada Chattopadhyay । Bangla Ghost Story Book pdf

50ti Vuter Golpo by Shashtipada Chattopadhyay bhuter golpo pdf
Written by – Shashtipada Chattopadhyay,
Book genre- Ghost Story Collection.
File format- PDF.
PDF Size- 20Mb,
Pages- 273,
Quality- best, without any watermark,

50Ti Vuter Golpo by Shashtipada Chattopadhyay

This hearsay ghost story is based on the stories that the author has heard from the age of ten, first in the mouths of his mother and later in the mouths of the elders. Whether there are ghosts or not is a matter of debate. This argument has not been resolved even today but the ghost-rumors cannot be ignored. As a result, creepy ghost stories about ghosts are still popular today. Readers of all ages will love these fifty stories of the author. Because all these stories have no age limit. And all the stories in this book are ghosts. The author did not fill the page with strange things in the name of ghosts. Ghosts in every story. Every story is a ghost story.

Shashtipada Chattopadhyay was born on 25th Falgun 1347. English 1941. Central Howrah Khurut, Shastitala. He started pursuing literature from a young age. The author is well-known for his children’s book ‘Pandav Goyenda‘ published in 1971. The author is primarily an adventurer, so the rare experiences he has accumulated while traveling around the country, and that is reflected in every one of his compositions.

Dear readers, now I want to share a pdf of fifty ghost story book by this author.

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Dear readers, collect the ghost story book ‘50ti Vuter Golpo by Shashtipada Chattopadhyay’. bhuter golpo pdf.

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