Brihat Banga by Dinesh Chandra Sen pdf

Brihat Banga (Vol-1 & 2) by Dinesh Chandra Sen, Bangla Book pdf
e-book name- ‘Brihat Banga’,
Written by – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
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Brihat Banga by Dinesh Chandra Sen

Much of the history of this country is state history written by Muslims; Where the word of victory and defeat, war, and the glory of the victorious Muslims has been propagated. Political history has a connection with the history of social, moral, artistic, and religious-evolving civilizations, but that connection is not always very serious. The way in which the Bengali nation has developed over many centuries but there is no significant history in this country.
This book is an attempt to prove the close relationship of Bengal with Magadha or all Aryavartas. In Aryabatta – especially in Magadha – all the customs and traditions that were prevalent, are still prevalent in Bengal. The extent to which the Bengalis have preserved the Aryan civilization and the continuity of the native customs and traditions is not seen anywhere else.
The history of Bengalis from ancient times to the battle of Palashi.

1. Brihat Banga, Vol- 1
PDF size- 57 Mb
Pages- 391
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2. Brihat Banga, Vol- 2
PDF size- 36 Mb
Pages- 642
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