Dharmabijoyee Ashok by Prabodh Chandra Sen bangla boi pdf

Dharmabijoyee Ashok by Prabodh Chandra Sen bangla boi pdf
ebook name- Dharmabijoyee Ashok
Written by- Prabodh Chandra Sen
Book genre- a historical book
File format- PDF
Pages- 175
File size- 5mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Dharmabijoyee Ashok by Prabodh Chandra Sen pdf

Maurya Emperor Ashok (BC 272-232 AD) is not only in the history of India but also his unique place in world history because of his generosity. Emperor Ashoka is the best among the world’s emperors. In his first life, as much as cruelty, brutality was seen in him, in the last life, the same or more the coexistence of greatness is seen in him. He is famous in his greatness.

Commenting on all eminent personalities about Emperor Ashoka-
Ashoka made Buddhism a world religion, pot by adding to, or modifying or improving on, it, but by emphasising the elements of universality that it had always contained. He realised and acted on the truth that true religion is personal and spiritual, not a matter of ceremonial or of ritual, but of conviction and conduct. He rose above all distinctions of race. Remote as he is from us in point of time, we feel that his life has enriched ours. – J. M. Macphail
He is the only military monarch on record who abandoned warfare after victory. He made he was the first monarch to make an attempt to educate his people into a common view of the ends and way of life. Asoka worked sanely for the real needs of men. From the Volga to Japan his name is still honoured. More living men cherish his memory today than has ever heard the names of Constantine or Charlemagne. – H. G. Wells
A state can be based on non-violence, that is, it can offer non-violent resistance against a world combination based on armed force. Such a state was Asoka’s. The example can be repeated. But the case does not become weak even if it be shown that Asoka’s state was not based on non-violence. – M. K. Gandhi

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Friends, collect this historical book about the great Emperor- ‘Dharmabijoyee Ashok by Prabodh Chandra Sen’ bangla boi pdf.

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