Hindu Samproday Keno Deshtyag Korechhe by Salam Azad pdf

Hindu Samproday Keno Deshtyag Korechhe by Salam Azad, Bengali ebook pdf
e-book name- ‘Hindu Samproday Keno Deshtyag Korechhe’,
Edited by- Salam Azad,
Type of book- A historical events book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 8 Mb,
Pages- 118,
Quality- Good, no watermark.

Hindu Samproday Keno Deshtyag Korechhe pdf

Why the Hindu community is leaving Bangladesh. Salam Azad highlighted the full details of that. A large part of the total population of Bangladesh was Hindu. At present, the Hindu population in the country is currently 1,24,19,195 out of 12 crore citizens of this country. From 1974 to 1991, according to the census averaged 475 people a day and 1,63,375 a year Hindus were forced to leave the country forever. If no citizen of the Hindu community had left this country, then the Hindu population in Bangladesh would now be three and a quarter crores. As a result, Bangladesh could be more fertile, more prosperous, more talented in other fields including economy, politics, and culture.

But why are Hindus leaving this country?
There are five main reasons for the Hindu community to leave the country –
Communal persecution,
Communal attacks,
Vested property law,
Possession of Debottar property,
Position of Hindu community in government service.

Which have been identified in this book.

The last part of this book contains the statistics of the emigration of the Hindu community. At the same time, there are some proposals on the question of maintaining communal harmony.

Dear readers, collect this valuable book in pdf.

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Dear readers, collect this Bengali historical events book ‘Hindu Samproday Keno Deshtyag Korechhe‘ Bengali ebook pdf

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