Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF
ebook name- ‘Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir’
Written by- Hemendra Kumar Roy
Book genre- Historical story book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 1Mb
Pages- 45
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Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir by Hemendra Kumar Roy pdf

Mahabharata means the great story of Kurukshetra. And hearing this name, the blood flow in the arteries of every Hindu becomes turbulent, even today. This is not only the great battlefield of Kuru-Pandava, it is here that the Mahabani of the Gita appeared in the mouth of Lord Krishna.
However, modern history says that the story of the warriors of Kurukshetra is a myth. But the story of Mahavir that is told in this book he is not a man of prehistoric times. He is not only immortal in ancient history, travel stories, poetry, and drama, but he has also been recognized by modern historians as a true flesh-and-blood great hero. Only in the glory of his name, the seventh-century Aryavarta has become glorious. He is the founder of the last Hindu empire in India.

Let’s know the story of this great hero from this book.
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