Kishor Granthabali- collection by various authors Bengali books pdf

Kishor Granthabali- collection by various authors Bengali books pdf file
Number of books- Seven
Written by various prominent authors
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
File type- pdf
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Kishor Granthabali ebooks

I have brought today a lot collection of excellent books for teenage readers. So Don’t delay and download the books from the following link-

Narayan Gangyopadhyay’s ‘Kishore-Granthabali’
Pages- 128
PDF Size- 7mb
There is one novel, ten stories and one drama in the collection book.

Manoranjan Bhattacharya’s ‘Kishor-Granthabali’
Pages- 143
PDF Size- 9mb
The ebook has one novel, one play and nine very interesting short shories and poems.

Dhirendralal Dhar’s ‘Kishor-Granthabali’
Pages- 191
PDF Size- 10mb
There are two stories in this ebook pdf.

Shailajananda Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Kishor Granthabali’
Pages- 136
PDF Size- 8mb
There is one novel, seven short stories and one drama in this collection ebook.

Kishor-Granthabali by Bishu Mukhopadhyay
Pages- 112
PDF Size- 6mb
One novel, eight fictions and two poems in this collection.

Kishor Granthabali by Rabindralal Roy
Pages- 128
PDF Size- 8mb
The ebook pdf has one novel, eight short fictions, one drama and one poem.

Kishor Granthabali by Narendra Deb
Pages- 129
File size- 7mb
This ebook has one novel, two drama, seven stories, one article, ten poems.

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