Rater Trainer Sangi by Abhijyan Roychowdhuri Bangla Sci-Fi ebook pdf

Rater Trainer Sangi by Abhijyan Roychowdhuri Bangla Sci-Fi ebook pdf
ebook name- Rater Trainer Sangi (রাতের ট্রেনের সঙ্গী)
Writer- Abhijyan Roychowdhuri
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya, Sci-Fi and Ghost stories for the young readers
File format- PDF
Size- 11mb
Pages- 175
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Rater Trainer Sangi by Abhijyan Roychowdhuri pdf

A collection of sci-fi and ghost stories for young readers.
There are sixteen ghost stories in this story collection book. Some are sci-fi, some are ghostly.
Rater Trainer Sangi
Loktar Dan Haatta Chhoto
Manufacturing Defect
O Ki Ami?
Natun Manush
Jan Roner Brain Transplant
Arijiter Ekti Din
Prithibi Chharar Din
Fire Elo Anupam
Jol Churi
Banddha Janala
Amra Nei
Khunje Pawowa

Rater Trainer Sangi contents

A short review of all stories at a glance-

Rater Trainer Sangi: Yes, that’s what it sounds like, a ghost story But in it, the author has mixed in his own way some tragic truths of life, and magic.

Loktar Dan Hatta Chhoto: This story of strange juice is amazing in one word, but why did the author use a whole sentence as a name ….

Chanakya: Maybe predictable, maybe imagination is more than science, but there is a unique fragrance of patriotism in this story, which gives the story a completely different dimension.

Manufacturing Defect: “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin is considered one of the most touching stories in science fiction. Believe me, this story is going to beat it, and I think it’s going to overtake even some of Richard Matheson’s stories.

O Ki Ami?: It’s not just a ghost story, it’s a story of pure weird juice, we rarely get a chance to read such type of story.

Natun Manush: Science fiction and humanity are mixed in this story. And this story is a snapshot of how people gain a lot by worshiping science and also lose a lot.

Jan Roner Brain Transplant: This is the story of the author’s creation and the story written in our all-time favorite, brave, adventurous heroine Anilikha’s statement. This story started brilliantly and ended abruptly and a little action-packed climax would be nice?

Arijiter Ekti Din: It is a science fiction story reminiscent of Anish Dev’s one of the best suffocating thrillers, “Sandeher Eak Kona”, but the story ends in the author’s own mind-blowing style.

Prithibi Chharar Din: It is also a science fiction of Satyajit Ray’s “Anukul” genre, but the ending is even sweeter.

Fire Elo Anupam: A story full of the wonderful taste of humanity.

Durotwa: There is only one adjective for this story wrapped in science fiction: Great! After reading such a story, one can be optimistic about the story even at this difficult time.

Achena: Not just science fiction or ghosts, this story is proof of how skilled the writer is at writing humorous stories. After reading the story, just want to say: “Write more”!

Jol Churi: It would be better to call it a very short, light, and funny anecdote than a science fiction one.

Banddha Janala: This is not a ghost story, but a story of another dimension. After reading this story, we have to salute the author’s pen.

Amra Nei: In this short but breathless story, science fiction and humanity have merged in this story.

Khunje Pawowa: The story of this humanity dressed in science fiction is very beautiful. We rarely read stories of such pure humanity at this time.

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