Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy bengali story pdf

Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy Bengali story pdf file
ebook name- Sera Kishor Golpo
Written by- Leo Tolstoy
Translated by- Shahidul Alam
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 9mb
Pages- 73
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy

One of the wonders of human talent, Leo Tolstoy is one of the best artists in world literature. He has left an ageless legacy for humanity by transcends all boundaries of religion, caste, race, time, geography, and history. Russian author Leonid Leon once said: “We are richer than our ancestors because we are descendants of Tolstoy”. On the other hand, it is said, In the last five hundred years, there are four such writers have appeared on earth who are compared to Hercules in Greek mythology. They have entered into the depths of their homeland and discovered an everlasting significance in the world and in life. So they are not only the best writers in their country, they are the greatest in the world. The four authors are Shakespeare in England, Gate in Germany, Tolstoy in Russia and Rabindranath in India.
It is true that it is not possible to explain anything about this author by using some adjectives before Tolstoy’s name. Throughout his 82 years as a writer, he repeatedly stirred people from all over the world with complex philosophical, social, moral and ethical even personal life thinking. The ‘War and Peace’ (Juddho O Shanti), ‘Anna Karenina’, and ‘Resurrection’ are the names of these novels which are forever praised by readers of world literature.

**Dear adolescent readers, you can collect more books-

Dear friends, now I want to share with you a teenage story collection book of this great author- ‘Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy
All the stories in this book are written by touching the mood of teenagers. Tolstoy concludes every story by placing a strong faith in the simplicity and integrity of human beings.

These stories are-

Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy contents

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Dear, now you can collect the story collection book for children and adolescent – ‘Sera Kishor Golpo by Leo Tolstoy’ bengali story pdf.

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