Kishor Bishwa Classics Bangla translated ebook

Kishor Bishwa Classics Bangla translated ebook pdf
ebook name- Kishor Bishwa Classics
Author- various
Translated by- Sudhangshu Ranjan Ghosh
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
File format- PDF
Pages- 640
File size- 18mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Kishor Bishwa Classics

This ‘Kishor Bishwa Classics’ has completed with the full story of the various literary treasures of the world. It includes the breathless story like- ‘Treasure Island’ and thrilling tales like Rabin hood and Gulliver Travels, there is heart inundated story like- Benhur or ideal of life and intelligent stories like ‘Betal Panchabinsati’ all with an easy simple translation. Although the stories are basically designed to fit the mind of the teenager but all parents and children can get full enjoy by reading this book. Notable that all these classic tested tales are not diminish for the cause of translation. And also the tunes of classical literature have not been lost and the story has not become light. On the one hand, this translation compilation book is to be finished with breathless on the other hand readers mind attract to read it repeatedly. Undoubtedly this compilation book will enrich the list of any reader collection. All translation stories that are available in this collection are- ‘Benhur by Leo Woaless’, ‘Don Quixote by Cerventes’, ‘Gulliver Travels by Jonathan Swift’, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Sto’, ‘Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe’, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Zil Vern’, ‘Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson’, ‘Bidur Pandit Jatak’, ‘Robin Hood by Howard Pyle’, ‘Rip Van Winkle by Washington Arting’, Betal Pachabingshati’, ‘Batrish Singhason’. All these classics teenage stories are translated and compilation by Sudhangshu Ranjan Ghosh. All dear blog readers can collect the above said onubad book as pdf file.
Collect the Bangla translated ebook pdf – ‘Kishor Bishwa Classics

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