Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo by Somerset Maugham Bangla onubad ebook

Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo by William Somerset Maugham Bangla onubad ebook pdf file
ebook name- Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo
Author- William Somerset Maugham
Translate by Dibyendu Bandhopadhyay
File format- PDF
Pages- 202
File size- 16mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo

The great author- William Somerset Maugham was born in 1874 in Parry town of France. Ten years of his childhood has passed in that city. He got education from Canterbury King’s School and Heidelberg university in Germany. After some time he was studying at the St. Thomas Hospital for desire to be a doctor. But after publishing the first novel ‘Liza of Lambeth’ in 1897, he chose literary as the resort of life. ‘Off Human Bondage’, ‘The Moon and the Six Pence’ and many more successful stories and novels are written by Somerset and he wandered in every section of the literature like ambidexter.
From the Europa to Latin America, Bamma-Malay to Tahitian-New Guinea, He has seen innumerable people with his inquisitive mind. So love, vengeance, adultery, jealousy, betrayal, self-sacrifice – all have become alive in his wonder writing.
In the story of Mom, we see the complex mentality of modern life, crooked effect of Freudian psychology, the giant instinct of destroying ancient values yet the sadness of not being able to fully accept the reality. Most stories of Mom are character prominence.
Dear blog readers, I want to share a¬†foreign stories collection¬†ebook ‘Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo‘. There are six remarkable stories in this collection, these are- Neil McAdam (Nil Nesha), Book Bag (Swapno Lajjahin), The escape (Muktir Path), Honlulu (Jubotir Mon), Giulia Lazzari (Aporichita), Letter (Chithi). All these stories are translated into Bangla and the book edited by Dibyendu Bandhopadhyay. He is a very prominent author and translator and his notable works are – ‘O. Henrir Galpo anubad‘, ‘Ogo Bideshini‘, ‘Tritiya Bishwer Shrestha Galpa‘, ‘Africar Shrshtha Galpo’, ‘Moraviyar Shreshtha Galpo‘ etc. and he wrote many remarkable novels as ‘Ichchhenadi’, ‘Bonpothe’, ‘Akarshan’, ‘Eka Megh’ etc. Now collect the Bangla onubad ebook ‘Somerset Momer Bachhai Galpo’ as pdf file.
Collect the Bangla onubad ebook pdfSomerset Momer Bachhai Galpo

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