Kon Asukhe Ki Khaben by Dr. Shyamal Chakrabarti pdf

Kon Asukhe Ki Khaben by Dr. Shyamal Chakrabarti, Bengali diet book pdf
e-book name- ‘Kon Asukhe Ki Khaben’,
Author name- Dr. Shyamal Chakrabarti,
Type of book- Medicine book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 11Mb,
Pages- 228,
Quality- HQ, no watermark, Clickable table of contents.

Kon Asukhe Ki Khaben pdf

The human body is a very complex device. In fact, there is no more complicated device in the world. And food keeps this complex machine running. What is the quality of food and what kind of role does food play in physical management is a difficult science. This science has to be mastered by systematic study.
Illness is not a new phenomenon in the human body. For special illnesses, special diet should be taken. In addition to medicine, there is a rule about what should be the diet for any disease.
Again many of these may be right, some may be wrong. Because of what kind of organic compounds a food is made of, how these organic compounds work in the cells of the body, there was not a very clear idea before. The diet was determined by a lot of guesswork. In the so-called trial and error method.
But the current picture is not the same as before. The last few decades have seen a radical revolution in the world of medicine. A very fine device has been created so that the nutritional value of almost every food is now at the fingertips of doctors.
At the same time, the guidelines for what kind of food should be taken for any disease have also changed.

Dr. Chakraborty has written the book ‘Kon Asukhe Ki Khaben’ (What to eat in any disease) about the quality of any food. It is not that no book has been written on this subject in Bengali before, but this is probably the first book to be arranged in such a skillful manner. At the same time, he gave a preliminary discussion on each disease, tried to remove the confusion about the patient’s diet, advised to overcome all kinds of misconceptions and develop a scientific diet.

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