Puran O Bigyan by Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati pdf

Puran O Bigyan by Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati, Bengali ebook pdf
e-book name- ‘Puran O Bigyan’,
Author name- Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati,
Type of book- Religious article book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 19Mb,
Pages- 226,
Quality- good, no watermark

Puran O Bigyan by Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati

Pratyagatmananda Saraswati’s other book ‘Ved O Bigyan” (Veda and Science) was published in the Sanskrit College Research Library and that book gained immense respect in the intellectual community. Swamiji’s second book in the research library is ‘Puran O Bigyan’ (Purana and Science).
Each article in this book is unique in information and theory. Readers, both old and young, will find self-conscious objects here. Swamiji’s analytical skills on uninteresting and difficult subjects, his innovative techniques for verifying each case through a scientific point of view, and his varied presentation of perceptions will provide accurate information to the skilled reader. Collect the article book in pdf.

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Dear readers, collect this religious article book book ‘Puran O Bigyan by Swami Pratyagatmananda Saraswati’ Bengali ebook pdf.

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