Dale Carnegie’s Bangla translation book pdf

Dale Carnegie’s Bangla translation book pdf file
Number of books- three
pdf qualities- good, without watermark

Dale Carnegie's Bangla books

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie (born November 24th, 1888 – death: November 1st, 1955) was an American writer, professor, and inventor of the famous self-promotional training program such as: safe-improving, salesmanship, Corporate Training, Public Speaking, and Inter Personal Skills. He was born in the poor wage farmer family. Although he has not been successful in his early life, but now he is immortal as a successful personality all over the world. This great inventor is the author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ (published in 1936) which is the best selling book till now.
The specialty of his book is that it is possible to change the behavior of others through the variation of own response.
This world famous psychologist Dale Carnegie has done extensive research on man-women’s behavior, psychology. He has seen, our future success or failure, frustration is hiding in our daily habit.
Dale Carnegie’s training is an educational program for businesses, based on Carnegie’s education system. Presented in more than 80 countries, it was established in 1912 and around 80 million people around the world accepted the Carnegie education system.
Friends, now I want to share some of these famous psychological books of Dale Carnegie with you. Especially, Dale Carnegie Omnibus in pdf.

Pratipatti O Bandhulav (translated by Prithwiraj Sen)
Pages- double 95
Size- 7mb

Dale Carnegie Omnibus (translated by Mukul Guha)
Pages- 482
Size- 13mb

Dushchintahin Notun Jibon
Pages- 118
Size- 3mb

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