Malakaiter Jhapi by Pavel Bazhov Bangla Translated ebook

Malakaiter Jhapi by Pavel Bazhov Bangla Translated ebook pdf
ebook name- Malakaiter Jhapi
Author- Pavel Petrovich Bazhov
File format- PDF
Pages- 277
File size- 15mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Malakaiter Jhapi ebook
It is an wonderful fairytale book-‘Malakaiter Jhapi’. This bunch of stories (Ural’s storyteller) is an outstanding creation by Pavel Petrovich Bazhov (1879-1950). In Russian literature already it took place in the classic. Due to intense depth of narratives and the attraction of rare redness, there are many ballets and films have been made with these stories. The mine area of foothills of Dumnaya and Azov hill’s in the slope of Ural Mountain, is the background of these stories. The place is very rich with gold, copper, iron, pepper, malachite and many rare gems. In the seventeenth century in search of these, daredevils are begin to came in this region from the Russian Center region. But the mines started well in the eighteenth century. King himself, besides the elite zamindars became the owners of this place. All workers were done with bondservant. The wrote these fairy tales about their warlock stories.┬áThe book is shared for those who like Russian fairytale(rupkotha). My dear little friends and elder both can collect this chotoder rupkothar book as a pdf file. List of contents-
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Bangla Translated ebook pdf Malakaiter Jhapi

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