Tolstoy Galposamagra by Manindra Dutta digital book


Tolstoy Galposamagra by Manindra Dutta digital book in pdf
ebook name- Tolstoy Galposamagra
Author- Leo Niklayevich Tolstoy
Translated by- Manindra Dutta
File format- PDF
Pages- 922
File size- 45mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Tolstoy Galposamagra ebook

Memorable Leo Tolstoy (Leo Niklayevich Tolstoy) was a legendary Russian litterateur and he came to the earth on 28 August 1828 (According to the calendar at that time) in Yasnera Polyanya of that country. The author recognized as one of the greatest novelists of world literature. Two unique novels of this famous Russian author are ‘Anna Karenina’ and ‘War and Peace’. Also wrote many plays, short stories and articles. The novel ‘Cossack’ was published in 1863 which gave him incredible popularity. He encouraged by this popularity and started writing the novel ‘War and Peace’. The collection of his works was huge, short stories, large stories, novels, plays, child literature, essays, diaries and letters overall his composition is divided into 90 parts. Many of his writings have been translated into Bengali. Today I want to share Bangla translated ebook ‘Tolstoy Galpasamagra’ as a pdf file. There are forty-eight stories in this ebook which are translated into Bangla by Manindra Dutta.
Bangla digital book Tolstoy Galposamagra

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