O Henrir Shreshtha Galpo Sankalan (part-1) free ebook pdf

O Henrir Shreshtha Galpo Sankalan (part-1) Bangla free ebook pdf
ebook name- O Henrir Shreshtha Galpo Sankalan (part-1)
Author- O. Henry
Translated by- Rathindra Sarkar
File format- PDF
Pages- 801
File size- 20mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

O Henrir Shreshtha Galpo Sankalan ebook

O. Henry famous to readers for jocosity, special characterization and gimmicks at the end of the story. His original name is William Sydney Porter ‘O. Henry’ was the author’s pseudonym. The eminent storyteller, born on September 11, 1862, in North Carolina, America. He wrote six hundred stories about American living. The first story compilation name ‘Cabbages and Kings’ (1904), the second set is called ‘The Four Million’ (1906). Other notable compilations are: ‘Roads of Destiny’ and ‘Sixes and Sevens’. The character of most stories about the grassroot people of society. And He has well described their loneliness in every story. Three silent pictures were released based on his writings in his lifetime- ‘The Sacrifice’ (1909), ‘Try to Get Arrested’ (1909) and ‘His Duty’ (1909). Two more famous films based of his writings are ‘The Arizona Kid’ (1931) and ‘The Kisko Kid’ (1931). In 1952, ”Henry’s full House’ was built with five stories, these are- ‘The Cop and the Anthem’, ‘The Clarion Call’, ‘The Last Leaf’, ‘The Runsom of Red Chief’ and ‘The Gift of the Magi’. In this post I want to share the best one hundred stories collection of this author which translated into Bangla by Rathindra Sarkar. Please collect the ebook as pdf file from link below.
Free ebook pdf O Henrir Shreshtha Galpo Sankalan (part-1)

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