Kishor Samagra by Gajendrakumar Mitra in ebook pdf

Kishor Samagra by Gajendrakumar Mitra in Bangla ebook pdf

eBook name- Kishor Samagra
Author – Gajendrakumar Mitra
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
Format- PDF
size- 39MB
Pages- 500
eBook quality- Good

Kishor Samagra by Gajendrakumar Mitra

Gajendrakumar Mitra (born: 11 November 1908 – Death: 16 October 1994) was a prominent Indian Bengali writer, publisher, and translator. He was born in Kolkata, his early education starts in Kashi Angalobengali school. Going beyond the life of the school and he was admitted to St. Xavier’s College. Gajendrakumar wrote various topics for children. Adventure, historical, detective stories none has not dropped. His first published novel was ‘Mone Chhilo Asha’. In 1959 his novel ‘Kolkatar Kachhei’ honored by Uponyash Academy Puruskar. His creation Kolkatar Kachhei, Upokanthe, Poush-Faguner Pala are a Land-Mark in Bengali literature. In 1964, his novel ‘Poush-Faguner Pala’ got Rabindra Puruskar. Today I want to share with you an ebook pdf ‘Kishor Samagra’ written by Gajendrakumar Mitra.
Get the ebook pdf Kishor Samagra.

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