Jarasandha Rachanabali (All Parts) ebooks pdf


e-book name- Jarasandha Rachanabali
Author- Charu Chandra Chakraborty
Format- PDF
Parts- 1-3-4-5

Jarasandha Rachanabali

Jarasandha (Charu Chandra Chakraborty)  was born on March 23, 1902 at Faridpur, Bangladesh and died in 1981. He was a leading author in Bengali, the greater part of his writings inspired by the life of the prisoners. He have wrote many short stories and popular stories for children. Some of the books written for children in the early years which was published of his original name- Charu Chandra Chakraborty, After that he used the pen name Jarasandha. His first novel ‘Louho Kapat’ published in 1953 under the Pseudonym -Jarasandha.
All these books table of contents-

Readers can collect four parts out of six ebooks pdf and rest two parts are upcoming.

Jarasandha Rachanabali Part- 1
Pages- 518
PDF Size- 39mb

Jarasandha Rachanabali Part- 3
Pages- 475
PDF Size- 40mb

Jarasandha Rachanabali Part- 4
Pages- 400
PDF Size- 32

Jarasandha Rachanabali Part- 5
Pages- 595
PDF Size- 46


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